Shayna Hooker

Shayna has been practicing and teaching yoga for 14 years now. Coming from a family whose mother was an Aerobics Instructor, she found her love for leading group exercise classes at the young age of 14 when she subbed her mother’s class while she went out for back surgery for 4 months. After that she had an immediate passion for teaching classes and instructing people to make healthier habits and lifestyles. Shayna discovered yoga after a horse related accident that left her with severe back pain. She was drawn to the healing powers emotionally and physically and has made it a daily practice since then. Shayna has been a student of The Yoga Room since 2010 and is now honored to be an instructor at The Yoga Room.

She teaches a fun playful class with a wide range of music from trance, dance, alternative and top 40. Her class is a powerful and challenging yet will leave you feeling alive, invigorated and peaceful. She has a laid back approach that welcomes any level student to come make it their own experience.

Shayna is available for private sessions. Please contact the studio to book an appointment.