Heather Murillo

Heather Murillo was born and raised in Southern California. From a very young age Heather recognized two things: her passion for teaching, and the importance of health and wellness. Heather began her teaching career in academics first, as a high school instructor. These days she incorporates her passion for teaching with her love of yoga. For Heather, yoga is about feeling good, never about competition, with others or yourself. She encourages her students to listen to their bodies, take breaks if necessary, and just do what feels right. Heather works to incorporate balanced sequencing with a power vinyasa style that will leave you feeling refreshed and maybe a little more at peace.

When not teaching, Heather can be found hanging upside-down with fellow yoga instructor/acro partner, Bien Hernandez-Ver. Heather loves the playful nature of acro-yoga as well as the trust and respect that it requires. The two teach acro-yoga workshops and classes at The Yoga Room and other locations in Southern California.

Specialty: Acro-Yoga

Heather is available for private lessons: Call studio for booking times.