Practice Series : Saturday, Feb. 17th @ 12 Noon

Crow & Tripod Headstand


Saturday 3/3 - Open House @ The Yoga Room


Maui Retreat April 2018

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Class Schedule

We practice a wide variety of yoga styles and have up to 15 classes a day. So whatever your yoga experience and whatever your schedule, we have classes to suit you.


The Yoga Room Online

Whether your traveling or simply feel like practicing yoga at home, you'll have access to our classes. The Yoga Room Online let you take your yoga practice with you.


New to Yoga?

Can't put your feet behind your head? No problem! Our classes are full of regular people with all levels of experience and flexibility. Wherever you're at, you'll be welcome here!


Redlands Born. Globally Known.

The Yoga Room is the longest standing family yoga studio in Redlands. It is owned and operated by Daniel and Shawna Head. Daniel Head, who was born and raised in Redlands, Ca was inspired to share his love for Power Yoga by opening a yoga studio in the community back in 2003.

The Yoga Room continues to grow with the help of its popular instructors who bring variety and motivation to the studio. There is something for all fitness levels at the studio. People can expect a broad spectrum of classes: heated to non-heated, “Beginner” to “Advanced” and everything in between.


All Levels Welcome!

Our Power Vinyasa classes are much like any style of yoga in the realm of asanas (postures). We incorporate much of the same philosophies and techniques that you would experience in a hatha yoga class. What separates our style from others is the atmosphere that we create. We believe that to fully experience yoga it is important to mix the right ingredients to get the most out of the practice.

All of the components strategically put into place make our studio a mini retreat for your body and mind. The most optimal experience is created from a formula that incorporates setting, temperature, music and the right sequencing of the asanas. Once put in place, each person can explore new levels of strength, stamina, and mobility in a safe manner. At the end of each practice the goal is to leave feeling incredible from head to toe.